Faster & Funnier: Comedic Conflict Mastery Course

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    • 45 minutes of joke-writing walkthroughs
    • 45 minutes of comedian example videos
    • 45 minutes of comedian compilation videos highlighting specific skills
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What Pro Comedians Are Saying


Jared has done his homework. And he’s as sharp as a piece of broken porcelain.

For the beginning comic, just his fundamental advice about memorizing material at the expense of persona is invaluable, but that’s just a start. As a published author with a journalism degree, I can tell you his writing advice is spot on.

But every single presentation and there are close to a 100 with variable lengths, has clear and concise information that will help the pro almost as much as it helps the novice.

For novices, this course is indispensable. For pros, I guarantee Jared’s informative videos are still well worth your time.

Billy O’Connor

Author of Confessions of a Bronx Bookie

It Was SOOOO Much Easier To Write

Faster & Funnier is spot on. I just applied the new storytelling techniques you added in your book and it was soooo much easier to write material. Not only did it help me focus more on how I naturally talk and have conversations, it helped me weave multiple jokes I made for a premise into a more natural cohesive bit. I can't wait to test this new stuff out next time I get onstage.

Davincy Moore



...Breaks Down The Walls We Don't Realize We Put Up For Ourselves

"The faster and funnier program gives you the tools you need to not only become a good comic. It helps you break down the walls we don't realize we put up for ourselves and harness your craft to become a great comic. If your are serious about becoming a professional comedian then this is a must have.

A lesson that spoke to me the most was having to deal with hecklers. I always felt that my material was strong and could present it well. Hecklers could really throw me off. I would loose focus and or loose the audience because of my reactions. I found out how to deal with hecklers and embrace it into my act as to not loose the audience during my performances. This is one of many helpful concepts you will find in this program."

-Trevor Gertonson

Stand-Up Comedian, Writer, Actor and creator of Laugh You Bastards.


You Are My New Hero

You're my new hero! Faster & Funnier is a much-needed resource for the thousands of comedians (including me!) who need no-nonsense, practical advice for generating ideas, fine-tuning material, overcoming challenges, developing an original style, and mapping out a career.”

-Paula Johnson

Co-Producer, The Joke Gym, Los Angeles