Christian (Munich, Germany)

“HELPED ME MORE THAN EVERY BOOK I WORKED WITH BEFORE.” I like very much what I have read and seen so far. There were some real eye-openers for me. Last year I worked with ********’s writing system. And it was so hard for me to assemble a routine that was logical and conclusive. Last Thursday […]

Nick Olivas

“MIND-BLOWING” “This course offered much insight to the creative mind of the comedian. This information is not only brilliant but also intuitive. Jared’s understanding of creativity is mind-blowing. At first, I was skeptical of the “creativity” aspects of his courses, but Jared attacked it from a hard-nosed, scientific perspective that had me agreeing with him […]

Ellery White

“BREAKS DOWN EXACTLY WHAT THE PRO’S ARE DOING TO GET EXTRAORDINARY RESULTS” From the beginning to the end, Faster and Funnier is in your face about the realities of making your stand-up comedy dreams come true, skipping the pleasant lip-service that won’t further your career and tells it exactly how it is. This course has […]