Davincy Moore

IT WAS SOOOO MUCH EASIER TO WRITE” Faster & Funnier is spot on. I just applied the new storytelling techniques you added in your book and it was soooo much easier to write material. Not only did it help me focus more on how I naturally talk and have conversations, it helped me weave multiple jokes I made […]

Kerry Bangs

Jared is a freakishly intelligent person and has comedy down to a science. The program is absolutely brilliant and everything a new comedian needs to know. I have a lot of work to do now… after only one performance, I was spotted by a scout who asked me to perform at a comedy festival for pay. I’m shocked, excited, and plan to be extremely prepared.

Thank you for your thorough and inspirational videos.

Rebecca L.

I really enjoyed your “Creative Stand Up” tutorials.  I learned so much and when I listened to your conclusion I really thought you were talking about me.  I cannot wait to listen to them again but first I must start writing which I have been putting off.  THANK YOU for making theses lessons.  So much […]

Jenny B.

Hi Jared, Just wanted to let you know that I have completed the Creativity for Comedians program and it is FANTASTIC!!! I’m a visual artist and I’m currently using it to solve my art related problems. I went through the program twice over 6 days. I find that it takes a lot of anxiety off me (which I’ve had […]

Dave Johnson

“This is one of those books that covers the basics and goes beyond. It gives you the box and then tells you what is outside of it. I am not sure if it is ahead of it’s time, but it is DEFINITELY TIME FOR IT!” ~Dave Johnson, Los Vegas Entertainer

Paula Johnson (Los Angeles, CA)

“YOU’RE MY NEW HERO” Faster & Funnier is a much-needed resource for the thousands of comedians (including me!) who need no-nonsense, practical advice for generating ideas, fine-tuning material, overcoming challenges, developing an original style, and mapping out a career.” -Paula Johnson Co-Producer, The Joke Gym, Los Angeles PaulaJohnson.com

Patrick L. (Paris, France)

“WITHOUT A DOUBT THE MOST COMPREHENSIVE AND COMPLETE INFORMATION I’VE FOUND ABOUT STAND UP COMEDY” I’ve just watched the Faster & Funnier videos for the first time and found them to be very informative and useful. It’s without a doubt the most comprehensive and complete information I’ve found about stand up comedy, though a little […]

Dickey Bill Wagner (Denver, CO)

“YOU HELPED ME GET MY FIRST COMEDY PAYCHECK” I am glad that I took this course. It is a must for anyone serious about making a career in comedy. It has valuable insights to creating and performing the kind of highly unique and memorable performances audiences go CRAZY for. I found the course easy to […]

Sean Philippe

“YOUR BOOKS, AUDIO PROGRAMS, AND VIDEOS HAVE CHANGED MY COMEDY IN A MATTER OF WEEKS” THANKS Jared. I’ve read many books on comedy, studied many videos. Honestly, your books, audio programs, and videos have changed my comedy in a matter of weeks. Now overtime I hit the stage I’m an entirely different animal. I’m getting […]

Darin Joseph

“I WAS GETTING IN MY OWN WAY. I REALIZED I WAS SCARED BECAUSE I WAS NOT SURE OF MY PROCESS WHEN IT CAME TO THE WHOLE COMEDY THING.” Your course and book have been very, very helpful… I know I have a long way to go, but at least now it’s easier, not to mention […]