Konstantin (Germany)

Most Enjoyable Lesson –

The Comedic Conflict lessons was pretty insightful. And the Joke writing tutorial was very detailed and nice. It´d be cool if there was a video, where you walked the viewer through this joke writing process, because reading this passage was a little hard, since I lost focus so many times and had to jump back, since I wasn´t sure where I was in the process. I hope, this is making sense

Most Confusing Lesson –

The joke writing tutorial was so full of info, that I often got lost reading it. I think it´d be nice if there was a video, guiding the reader through the process first.

NOTE FROM JARED: A video has been added to fix this issue (April 3rd, 2018)

Most Important Lesson –

It is okay to start writing boring, since I can spice it up with comedic conflict later


Course Value –

5 out of 5

Purchase Concerns –

It seemed too cheap, Honestly….I thought this course would be super basic. Nothing like you provided here.

Why CreativeStandUp? –

You are a likeable guy. I was looking for a course and found your one and you seemed like you knew what you were doing

Anything Else? –