Bruce Lipsky

Jared is a true professional who provides his expertise and insight with concise and informative writing. His firsthand experience coupled with his background in creativity allowed me to really grasp the concepts of the FNF course.

The lessons flow extremely well with so many topics that are invaluable for anyone who is just entering the world of stand up or for the intermediate and experienced comic.

By giving “real world” examples and applications of his approach to writing and performing stand up, Jared’s methods have given me the tools to not only write better jokes and sets but also gain a greater understanding of the joke process.

Each section of the FNF course builds upon itself and Jared encourages his students to post their efforts for review within the various forums.  What is also unique about this program is that Jared is always available to answer any personal or topic related questions. By sharing my thoughts/difficulties and efforts with not just Jared for his review and comments, other course members also get a valuable learning experience by  getting to critique and offer constructive suggestions for improving their writing and performance skills.

Given this and MUCH MORE, I highly recommend and truly feel that the FNF course is a necessity for those who want to take their stand up to the next and higher level.