Sam Hindieh

Being new to stand-up Jareds courses are a literal scaffolding. He is able to breakdown “funny” He is a natural-born educator. He is precise, he is a comedic tactician,…if he wants to be. He sets a solid framework of understanding that gives one the tools to build their material.

FAVORITE LESSON: The one with you on video and the “template” of 1a going down the process.
MOST IMPORTANT LESSON: The common performance mistakes
RATING: (4/5) Good value. I’m satisfied with the purchase.
April 18, 2018

Ryan Bailey

This course helped me to realize that using my skill as an improv comedy guy, can also lend itself to the “planned” world of stand-up.
FAVORITE LESSON: I thought the lesson on putting together a joke was great. All the videos are especially helpful!

Shann (New York, NY)

This is a great course that will help give you the confidence to make the first step on to an open mic stage. Being naturally funny does help, but Stand Up Comedy is a very distinct art form, and learning the technical advantages of the process will give you an extra advantage in a very competitive industry. I would recommend this course to any aspiring comedian.
FAVORITE LESSON: I enjoyed the breakdown of the various styles of jokes. It gives me a lot of creative options.
MOST IMPORTANT LESSON: The Open Mic stuff. Mistakes that I’m currently making definitely raised some flags. Like moving the mic stand and keeping it against your face.

Bruce Lipsky

Jared is a true professional who provides his expertise and insight with concise and informative writing. His firsthand experience coupled with his background in creativity allowed me to really grasp the concepts of the FNF course.
FAVORITE: What is also unique about this program is that Jared is always available to answer any personal or topic related questions. By sharing my thoughts/difficulties and efforts with not just Jared for his review and comments, other course members also get a valuable learning experience by getting to critique and offer constructive suggestions for improving their writing and performance skills.

Billy O’Connor (Las Vegas, NV)

“BEST. COURSE. EVER.” Jared has done his homework. And he’s as sharp as a piece of broken porcelain. For the beginning comic, just his fundamental advice about memorizing material at the expense of persona is invaluable, but that’s just a start. As a published author with a journalism degree, I can tell you his writing […]

Trevor Gertonson

“…BREAKS DOWN THE WALLS WE DON’T REALIZE WE PUT UP FOR OURSELVES” “The faster and funnier program gives you the tools you need to not only become a good comic. It helps you break down the walls we don’t realize we put up for ourselves and harness your craft to become a great comic. If […]