Stand-Up Comedy Tips – Recording Your Performance

Recording your performances is one of the absolute best stand-up comedy tips to apply in your career. Recording is a great way to perfect your stand-up comedy performances. Recording your performances allows you to go back and dissect your entire performance, looking for both strengths and weaknesses. Let’s look at some stand-up comedy tips of what to look for in your performance…



Stand-Up Comedy Tips – Recording Your Performances

Over-using gestures is a performance weakness that you should look out for. Often new comedians do this subconsciously. They only realize that they’re doing it when they go back and view the video.

Another way to use these stand-up comedy tips is to look for your microphone placement. New comedians tend to be thinking so much on stage about their material that they forget about where the microphone is placed. The microphone will slowly drop down, rendering the comedian inaudible to the audience members in the back.

Still another factor you want to consider when using these stand-up comedy tips is to look at which part of the audience you’re performing to. New comedians often forget to speak to the entire audience, including the audience members that are on the far left and far right of the stage. If you watch a video of yourself performing and notice that you’re not paying attention to the left or right side of the room then apply these stand-up comedy tips by consciously focusing on them for the next few shows. Ignoring a part of the audience seems minor, but it’s vitally important to the overall audience dynamics of the show. Start applying these stand-up comedy tips and watch your performances become more consistent.

Applying these stand-up comedy tips will help your performance immensely. They’ll take you from a struggling comic to a confident comedian.

Jared Volle