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  • Thanks for that Jared. Will see what I can do about that. I didn’t win mt heat unfortunately, but it was a great experience to be in a professional comedy venue – the main one in Sydney actually. Despite nerves (which everyone had) it was quite a bit of fun. I was a lot more relaxed on stage than I expected, so I take that as a positive. Still…[Read more]

  • Thanks for that Bruce. A great point that has prompted me to use, or add in somewhere, I like it. Just brought to mind I can but youths shoes, often cheaper then full size mens hehe.

    Thanks again & keep p the good work.
    Kind regards

    PS. I didn’t win my heat.Was a great experience though & quite fun. Oh well, back to the open mics for me…[Read more]

  • Thanks heaps for your encouragement & constructive feedback. Very insightful & helpful. (Yes we do live in a beautiful area, thanks for noticing). Will see how I can incorporate your suggestions re a response to children’s comments & being more personal. I may not be able to do it all now as I’m performing tomorrow night & don’t want to risk…[Read more]

  • Chris replied to the topic Current work in the forum Critiques 1 week ago

    Great stuff Shann! Really like how you developed your stories from personal experience. Particularly like the first set , re the Amish girl.

    Only thinking off the top of my head, but maybe there’s opportunity to take the Amish set even further by developing things through drawing on the differences from their way of life to modern life? I didn’t…[Read more]

  • This is video shot at home of a practice of my short person set (“On being short”). Hope the sound is good enough. I’m doing this set at a major open mic competition next Tues. Would appreciate constructive critique.

    I don’t do a full script but jsut prompt notes. attaching them in case if helps.

    Thanks everyone
    ON…[Read more]

  • I’d like to update my self -introduction post but can’t see how. Would appreciate help with that.

  • Chris replied to the topic My Seven Minutes of "Fame" in the forum Critiques 1 week, 5 days ago

    Your’e very welcome. A shame the classes you went to discouraged you from going with your natural instinct. But this actually backs up whay Jared has said about those schools in his FnF training material.


    Kind regards


  • Chris replied to the topic Self-Intro Questions in the forum Introductions 1 week, 6 days ago

    NAME: Chris




    FAVORITE COMEDIAN(S): Jerry Lewis (makes me sound old I know, but I’ve seen him twice & think he’s amazing).




    COMPLETE THE SENTENCE: “I see myself as a _____ comedian.”


    Actually see myself as an aspiring Christian comedian, but also see myself anywhere that is happy with clean comedy.


    HOW MUCH EXP…[Read more]

  • Chris replied to the topic My Seven Minutes of "Fame" in the forum Critiques 2 weeks ago

    Thought it was good Bruce. A good collection of punchlines. Perhaps just more practice, as we all need, to settle nerves. My style is to try & develop the one theme more, & be as relaxed & conversational as possible (as per Jared’s training material). Working on that myself of course. Keep up the good work, you have the talent.


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