How to Be a Comedian – Be Original

One of the most important aspects to learning how to be a comedian is your originality. Creativity is the life-blood of every great comedian. Unoriginal comedians, no matter how funny they are, will continually struggle to develop a fan base. When you’re learning how to be a comedian, pay particular importance to whether an idea will benefit your creativity or take away from it. If it takes away from your creativity, stay away from it at all costs.



How to Be a Comedian – Using Originality

Originality is what sets up a comedian for success. It differentiates the comedian. Once someone has learned how to be a comedian that’s original they’ll find the audience no longer treats them as a commodity (i.e. A comedian that’s same as every other comedian). This is the basis for success as a stand-up comedian because it’s the deciding factor in whether a comedian gets paid more than average, open mic level comedians.

If you don’t learn how to be a comedian that’s original you won’t experience any of the benefits highly original comedians routinely get… benefits such as higher income, more performance opportunities, fame, and an impact on the industry. 

Originality means more that finding “a voice.” Every comedian that’s has invested in their own comedy career for awhile has found their voice (or at least “a” voice). And while it might differentiate your comedy from your own perspective, audience members don’t always perceive the difference. Learning how to be a comedian that’s original helps audience members see the differences (which is all that really counts). The more original you are as a comedian that more audience members will pick up on that originality, leading you into a career that is truly different from other comedians.

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Jared Volle