Course – Faster & Funnier

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16 Lessons

Faster & Funnier

Introduction to Faster & Funnier

3 Pillars of Success

The Mechanics of Humor: From Conventional Jokes to Comedic Stories

Managing Comedic Conflict

How To Write Hilarious Material… Without Writing A Single “Joke”

Authentic Humor: 5 Stages of a Comedic Story

Punching Up Your Story & Enhancing Laughs

Performance Mastery: Venue Guide

Performance Mastery: How to Keep The Audience Hanging On Every Word

Complete Control: How to Stay In Control On Stage, Even When The Unexpected Happens

Comedian Marketing Guide: How to Quickly Move Up The Ranks & Make Money


Bonus Section: Writing

Styles of Writing

Bonus: Comedy Material's Life Cycle

New Comedian: Writing

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