Faster & Funnier: Comedic Conflict Mastery Course

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Faster & Funnier: Comedic Conflict Mastery Course

Faster & Funnier: Comedic Conflict Mastery Course introduces comedic conflict and how to use it in joke writing.



  • Unlock all joke-writing lessons
  • Access to 2.5 hours of online streaming video including…
    • 45 minutes of joke-writing walkthroughs
    • 45 minutes of comedian example videos
    • 45 minutes of comedian compilation videos highlighting specific skills
  • 3-Month Membership to Student Forum

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Part 1 introduces different styles of stand-up comedy, their strengths and weaknesses, and gives short video examples of each style.

Part 2 teaches general writing principles that are important for all types of writing and performance styles.


Learn what makes high-quality setups, punchlines, and taglines. This lesson lays the foundation for learning about the mechanics of humor and comedic conflict.


Part 1 the psychology behind how setups and punchlines work together to create humor. Learn how audiences process a joke from start-to-finish and how you can use audience psychology to improve any material.

In part 2, you’ll be introduced to “Comedic Conflict.” Comedic Conflict is the engine that makes all types of humor work.


Learn by doing: This lesson goes through the most common types of conventional joke formats and shows you how to write each type of joke yourself. It also strengthens your understanding of comedic conflict and creates a simple way to begin applying comedic conflict in your writing.


This lesson begins takes the training-wheels off. Instead of using strict joke formats you’ll begin applying comedic conflict more naturally.

Part 1 teaches you a super-simple way to create comedic conflict in a way that is natural and doesn’t require joke formats. Part 1 teaches you a generic way of creating comedic conflict that works in any situation.

Part 2 breaks down each type of comedic conflict and shows you how to find opportunities that are uniquely suited for each type.

Part 3 answers the all-important question: “How does the audience decide if (and how hard) to laugh?” You’ll learn the underlying psychology that influences how hard an audience member will laugh at each joke.


This lesson takes you through the entire joke-writing process from start to finish. You’ll learn a simple process for how to begin with a single (boring) word prompt and apply comedic conflict strategies to create your own material. Each step ends by showing you how Jared has applied that step to write his own new material.

The walkthrough is an in-depth stream of consciousness by Jared while he’s joke writing. It’s a great way of seeing the thought-process of a veteran comedian as he explores the comedic conflict behind different jokes.


This lesson provides some important tips on how to perform your jokes, how to organize jokes into a performance, and how to prepare yourself for the stage.


The Beginner’s Guide comes with a 3-month membership to our student forums where you can get help from Jared if you’re having trouble writing or have questions about the course.

Walkthrough Videos

Walkthrough videos show the thought-process behind creating material. Follow along as Jared goes from a single word prompt (“People”) and writes several minutes of material. This is a great way to see how a veteran comedian uses the joke writing process in the real world.


A compilation video will take snippets of great comedians using specific skills and place them back-to-back so that you can see the same skill being used by different professional comedians in different ways. This is a great way to practice a specific skills or joke-types.



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