Comedian Marketing – How to Become a Comedian That Pulls Massive Gig Fees

Part 2: Comedian Marketing Strategies

Differentiation as a Comedian Marketing Strategy

As you develop a fan base through this comedian marketing strategy you’ll naturally start getting paid more per show. Ever wonder why famous, yet less-then-hysterical comedians get paid God-awful amounts of money? It’s for a single reason: They’ve built up a large fan base. That fan base is willing to show up and pay the ticket price or drink minimum because they know that they’re going to see a comedian who “gets them.” How much the comedian can get paid is a direct result of how well they’ve developed their fan base.

Comedian Marketing – Get Paid More Per Show

Take it from a booker’s point of view. As discussed earlier, this differentiation of your performance as a comedian marketing strategy is a sure-fire way of building a following easily. A booker is in charge of finding talent that will ensure that the venue makes money and keeps the show running. What easier way of achieving these results then booking a comedian that’s practically guaranteed to bring his own audience? In fact, they might even be able to charge more per ticket, depending on how well the comedian’s marketed himself. This is a lot less risky than booking an unknown comedian just to save a few hundred dollars.

There’s a second upshot for the venue. Booking a comedian that has a following means that the venue has a chance to gain new customers. An audience member might not think “I want to go to ‘x’ bar or ‘y’ comedy club until a comedian they love is playing that venue. This means the venue has a chance at repeat business for a one-time deal that’s ALSO going to make them money.

The third benefit of booking a comedian with a following is that they are more likely to be a high quality performer. If they’ve got a following they must be doing something right. This provides a built in quality-control mechanism for venues. The venue doesn’t have to worry as much about who they’re booking when they book someone with a sizable following. It’s a win on all accounts.

All-in-all, paying extra to have a comedian with a following is a very good deal for the venue. Since there is extra money to be made the venues will be forced to bid up your price to get you to perform. This is exactly what effective comedian marketing does for you, and the best part might be that it scales.

This Comedian Marketing Strategy Builds Momentum

The bigger your fan base the more you’ll get paid. It doesn’t get more complex than that. If you have only ten people that are willing to pay for a ticket to see your show in any town, you’ll be able to get booked on some of the shows there. If you have 100 people, you’ll find comedy clubs are likely willing to put you up. If you have 500 people then you can book theaters with ease. Each step up will get you more exposure and get you paid more.

Obviously, differentiating yourself isn’t the only comedian marketing strategy you should be employing. However, it’s one that most comedians ignore. In fact, research shows that many businesses are just as guilty. They develop a product and THEN start trying to differentiate it through marketing rather than create a unique product that’s worth talking about in the first place.

Start building your fan base today. This comedian marketing strategy starts working immediately. However, it does take time to build into a sizable following and extra income. Learn how to market your comedy today. Sign up for our newsletter and get more great tips delivered to your inbox.

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